"Go West: Projects are finally rising in long-neglected West Oakland"

SF Business Times | November 30, 2017

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Every weekday, hundreds of thousands of riders pass through West Oakland’s BART station on their way to San Francisco. Only a handful get off.



"SF Chinatown tenants protest landlord they accuse of trying to push them out"

SF Chronicle | November 29, 2017

More than 100 Chinatown tenants took to the streets Wednesday to protest what they characterize as the latest attempt by real estate speculators to drive out low-income Chinese immigrants and replace them with more affluent renters willing to pay over $1,100 for an 80-square-foot room with no bathroom or kitchen, roughly double what existing residents pay.


"What the Housing Market in America Needs Is More Options"

Smithsonian | November 20, 2017

From granny pods to morphing apartments, the future of shelter is evolving
Think about the shape of home. Is it a three-bedroom, single-family dwelling with a scrap of yard? Maybe it’s you and your spouse and your kids—or maybe you share it with a handful of roommates. Or you cram yourself, your bicycle and your cat into a city studio where the rent is, naturally, too damn high.


"Everyone needs a good home"

Home One | November 19, 2017

From Home One Website-Video

We’re creating a public service campaign to build support for affordable housing. We believe that all hard working Americans are entitled to a good, safe, and secure home. We want to educate people about the housing crisis and move them with powerful stories about people whose lives have been transformed by affordable housing opportunities.



"The house that sold for nearly $800,000 over asking price speaks to the inequity of California"

The Los Angeles Times | November 18, 2017

…That was in Sunnyvale, which sits in the heart of a Silicon Valley that did not exist when I was a kid. My Uncle Pete was a mail carrier, my Aunt Mimi was a homemaker, and they lived only a mile or two from where, three months ago, a house sold for nearly $800,000 above the asking price.


"40 Percent of the Buildings in Manhattan Could Not Be Built Today"

The New York Times | November 18, 2017

From May 2016

New York City’s zoning code turns 100 this year. That may not sound like cause for celebration — except maybe for land-use lawyers and Robert Moses aficionados. Yet for almost every New Yorker, the zoning code plays an outsize role in daily life, shaping virtually every inch of the city.


"Richmond, county eye ‘MicroPADs’ for transitional housing"

The Mercury News | November 15, 2017

RICHMOND — A “MicroPAD” delivered in front of City Hall on Tuesday by a San Francisco developer with long ties to Berkeley is being pitched by local officials as “a bold move to reduce homelessness.”


"VIDEO: Micro Homes could help Richmond homeless find places to live"

KRON 4 | November 14, 2017

RICHMOND (KRON) — On any given night, there are about 1,600 homeless people on the streets of Contra Costa County and getting roofs over their heads has proven difficult like in most areas.


"Richmond Touts ‘Micropads’ For Homeless, But Unsure Where To Put Them"

KPIX 5 | November 14, 2017

RICHMOND (KPIX 5) – An East Bay city is looking to take people off the streets by creating tiny homes for the homeless, but some say it won’t even make a dent in dealing with the issue.


"ULI Case Studies: Oslo – Washington, D.C."

Urban Land Institute | November 14, 2017

From October 2015

ULI Case Studies showcase innovative approaches and best practices in real estate and urban development.