Patrick Kennedy is the owner of Panoramic Interests, a development firm that has been building housing, live-work space, and commercial property in the Bay Area since 1990. The firm has focused on dense, mixed-use, mixed-income, infill developments, typically financed with private funds. All of the multi-family housing projects include below market rate units. The firm’s projects incorporate the Smart Growth principles designed to discourage auto use, mitigate sprawl, encourage local business, and enhance the pedestrian streetscape. In April, 2007 Panoramic Interests sold its rental portfolio of 7 buildings to the Equity Residential Apartment REIT of Chicago for $146,000,000, the largest real-estate transaction in Berkeley’s history. Panoramic is now focusing exclusively on CITYSPACES®–small, stylish, efficient dwellings, in walkable neighborhoods. In August of 2015, the firm completed The Panoramic: the first high-rise micro-apartment in the U.S.; the 160-unit car-free project is one block from the Twitter headquarters. Six new projects are in progress:

  • CITYSPACES® MicroPAD® (Prefab Affordable Dwelling) is a steel modular dwelling, specifically designed to meet the needs of homeless people. The 160 SF units have a private kitchen and bath, 9 ft ceilings, large windows for natural light & ventilation, engineered soundproofing, and state-of-the-art seismic design and fire-safety.
  • CITYSPACES® 333: City Gardens is a 200-unit apartment project at the western edge of SoMa, adjacent to the Mission District in San Francisco; it will have 102 Duos (2-bedroom apts) and 98 Suites (4-bedroom apts). The project is car-free, and a model of Ultralight Urbanism®.
  • CITYSPACES® 345: Folsom Flats is a 50-unit Group Housing project adjacent to CITYSPACES® 333.
  • CITYSPACES® 2539: The Nexus is a car-free infill project located in the Southside of UC Berkeley campus; it will have 70 apartments and a cafe.
  • CITYSPACES® 2711: Shattuck Studios, a 22-unit four-story car-free project, will be the first all-steel modular construction in the U.S.; the efficiently designed spaces are a 10-minute walk from downtown Berkeley & UC Berkeley Campus.
  • CITYSPACES® 500 Kirkham is mixed-use apartment project located next to the West Oakland BART station; it comprises 1,032 units, a pharmacy, café, and over 40 spaces for local small businesses.


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