Zac Shore

Staff Photo

Zac manages all aspects of development from project programming, design, entitlements, and construction, to lease-up of Panoramic properties. In 2015, Zac completed a 160-unit high-rise in downtown San Francisco, which was 100% leased to California College of the Arts and San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Recently, he completed entitlements and construction groundbreaking for 333 12th Street, a 200-unit workforce housing building in San Francisco; this project is the first State Density Bonus project approved in San Francisco. Zac is currently managing the entitlement process for 500 Kirkham Street, a 1,032-unit transit-oriented development project located at the West Oakland BART.

Zac has completed multiple modular projects in the past, and has spent the past couple years developing steel modular construction, a concept new to the United States. These efforts resulted in the first multifamily modular project built overseas, which proved to be an excellent R&D project for Panoramic. He is now scaling that technology, along with other modular approaches including panels and Cross Laminated Timber construction.

Zac holds a Masters in Real Estate Development from MIT. Prior to joining Panoramic Interests, he was a general contractor in Southern California and Hawaii.