Since 1990, Panoramic has completed 15 mixed-use, infill projects in and around downtown Berkeley and San Francisco — adding more than 689 new units of housing, and 100,000 square feet of commercial space.

The Berkeleyan Apartments, a mixed-use project built in 1998, was the first new rental housing project by a private developer in downtown Berkeley since World War II.

From 2004 – 2007, Panoramic was the largest private landlord of UC Berkeley students. It also provided more affordable housing in its 7 mixed-use projects than the Berkeley Housing Authority. (In April 2007, it sold all its residential developments to the Equity Residential REIT, in the largest real estate transaction in Berkeley’s history.)


Panoramic installed the first independently accessed, stacked, parking lifts in a commercial development in the U.S. (1995). It was also the first developer to incorporate on-premises City CarShare in its buildings (2001). All of its rental projects have rooftop gardens, energy-efficient designs, and ground floor retail space reserved for local businesses.

Panoramic has spent the last nine years designing and developing stylish and efficient urban housing called CITYSPACES®. These designs include new steel modular housing for the homeless called the  CITYSPACES® MicroPAD®, (Prefab Affordable Dwelling).

Panoramic completed construction of a four story pre-fab micro-apartment project CITYSPACES® 38: Harriet, in SoMa district of San Francisco in 2013.

In July 2015, the firm completed its 2nd CITYSPACES® project — a car-free, high rise, 160 unit micro-apartment building called CITYSPACES® 1321: The Panoramic. It is in the heart of the Mid-Market redevelopment, one block from Twitter’s headquarters.

The firm is currently securing entitlements for another 200 unit project called CITYSPACES® 333: City Gardens, at Folsom and 12th, in San Francisco.