CITYSPACE® 2555 College

2555 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.

- Frank Lloyd Wright


  1. 2555 College Ave, Berkeley, CA
  2. Hotline Information:
    1. Project Construction Manager: Rubik Built, Ali Sarji
    2. Phone Number: 209.408.0626
    3. Email Address:
  3. Schedule of Activities:
    1. April – June 2024: Excavation and grading for preparation of the building foundation.
    2. July 2024: Underground utilities.
    3. August 2024: Forming and subsequent pouring of concrete foundation and retaining walls.
    4. September 2024 – May 2025: Four stories of vertical framing including exterior and interior building finishes.
    5. May 2025: Site improvements including landscape, sidewalks, etc.
    6. Daily construction activities one can expect are use of hand tools (hamer, drils, etc.), hauling and hoisting of material, construction equipment such as bobcats, backhoes, reach lifts running for various activities.
  4. The final Conditions of Approval in Dropbox here
  5. Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program in Dropbox here
  6. Transportation Construction Plan COMING SOON
  7. Construction Noise Reduction Program in Dropbox here