"Detached, Dense, and Urbane Infill"

Urban Land | June 23, 2001

In their drive to develop densely on the fringes of urban cores, planners and builders usually ignore detached single-family houses. Instead, suburban developers are delighted to be able to develop at a density of 15 to 18 units per acre.


"The Kennedy Touch: One Case Study in Berkeley Development"

East Bay Express | June 22, 2001

Patrick Kennedy’s latest project at 2700 San Pablo has been temporarily stalled, but don’t bet against its final approval.

It took Howie Muir 25 hours to put together a homemade styrofoam model of his West Berkeley neighborhood, complete with handpainted buildings, which may explain why he angrily yanked it away from Patrick Kennedy when the developer started playing with the pieces.



"Pioneering Park Lifts"

Urban Land | February 1, 2001

Stackable hydraulic car lifts can be used in urban infill projects to satisfy both smart growth advocates, because of their space-saving features, as well as developers who are attracted by definable economic benefits.