"She almost jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. How a homeless S.F. mother transformed her life"

SF Chronicle | December 21, 2023

The city maintains 907 permanent supportive housing units in buildings such as City Gardens that are dedicated for families. The city also offers more than 1,400 temporary or permanent housing vouchers and rental subsidies for families, according to the latest data from the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing.


"The Old New Way to Provide Cheap Housing"

The New York Times | December 11, 2023

Homelessness is an American tragedy, but it’s not hopeless. In a recent column, I explored how Houston has become a national model by reducing homelessness by more than 60 percent.


"Interest rates are expected to start coming down this summer"

Brandon Donnelly | December 3, 2023

H e called this correction in the housing market both “real” and “healthy”; he spoke about normalcy returning in 1-2 years; and he posited that the market will be “crazy” when it does return because of a supply deficit.


"Why Housing is Unaffordable: The Elasticity of Supply"

Marginal Revolution | November 29, 2023

We have a great new MRU video on housing and why it’s so expensive in many dynamic cities.


"Struggling Cities Face More Pain From AI Boom"

Bloomberg | November 23, 2023

That said, in certain places land will become much more valuable, as companies choose to locate near AI centers to access the labor markets for AI researchers, or to learn about AI from the industry’s leading actors. I predict a major real estate comeback for San Francisco and nearby environs, and probably gains for Manhattan as well.


"Unlocking micro-spaces and micro-businesses"

Brandon Donnelly | November 20, 2023

Okay, so small lot sizes seem to help. But what else is needed? Is there a world where this is possible anywhere in the West? It’s probably hard to imagine. Conventional real estate wisdom would tell you that multi-storey retail buildings don’t work.


"City Opens Permanently Affordable Housing At City Gardens, SoMa"

SF Yimby | November 7, 2023

The City of San Francisco has officially opened the 2021-built apartment complex as a permanently affordable supportive housing facility at 333 12th Street in SoMa. The project was developed by Panoramic Interests and grabbed headlines as the first in San Francisco to utilize the State Density Bonus program. The city purchased the development last summer, less than a year after opening.


"200-Unit City Gardens Affordable Housing Project Opens in San Francisco"

The Registry | November 7, 2023

San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood witnessed a significant milestone last week when the City Gardens affordable housing complex officially opened its doors. This
develop1nent, located at 333 12th St., will offer 200 new units for needy families.


"Create Walkable Communities Through Residential Retail"

Resident Urbanist | November 7, 2023

Turning the Suburbs into Urban Villages for a Sustainable, Accessible Future


"Seeking a Home for His Parents, a Son Built a Community"

New York Times | November 4, 2023

Priya Living, a senior living company that is steeped in Indian culture, began with a small footprint in California and now has expansion plans in the U.S. and India.