"How Cities Can Use Paris as a Model for Implementing Safer Street Infrastructure"

Urban Institute | July 9, 2024

New York City has some of the world’s worst traffic, wasting its residents’ time, slowing buses, and exposing people to pollution, especially in neighborhoods with many people of color.


"In Praise of Randomness"

Market Urbanism | July 1, 2024

Cities have always invited us to be constantly on the move. We move around to get to work, go shopping, meet friends, attend a concert, visit an art exhibition, and take advantage of all the many activities that a metropolis offers.


"Costco’s bold new plan for the California housing crisis"

SF Gate | June 26, 2024

The American retail giant is starting to think even bigger


"Former site of storied deli Poulet to include apartments, cafe"

Berkeleyside | June 21, 2024

The proposed 8-story building would have 131 total units, 11 of which are considered affordable, and a ground-floor cafe.


"When Is a Tiny House Too Small to Be a Home?"

The New York Times | June 15, 2024

As the Supreme Court weighs whether cities can criminalize sleeping outdoors or in tents, Los Angeles is attempting to combat homelessness with tiny homes criticized by some as ‘inhumane.’


"How to Create ‘Rooms Within a Room’ in 312 Square Feet"

NY Times | June 14, 2024

For a tiny apartment in London, the solution was a shape-shifting bank of custom cabinetry built on a tight budget.


"What does a city that has spurned cars look like? Olympics visitors to Paris will get a look"

NBC News | June 2, 2024

Changes designed to encourage people to take other forms of transportation have contributed to a 40% decline in air pollution, according to city officials.


"Report: San Francisco Still Dominates Global Startup Ecosystems; New York, Los Angeles & Boston Follow At A Distance"

Hoodline | May 23, 2024

San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston are leading lights on the map of global startup ecosystems, particularly when it comes to the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence. These cities are America’s front runners in the tech race, according to a recent Visual Capitalist report that ranked the world’s top startup hotspots.


"How Urban Renewal Ruined Everything"

The Discourse Lounge | May 17, 2024

The destructive nature of urban renewal left the U.S. too scared to build anything at scale ever again.


"Wow! There’s Thousands of People Here in this Small Town"

Residential Urbanist | May 10, 2024

Spaces feel bigger and better without cars