"Time Out lists the ‘world’s best’ cities for 2021"

CNN | September 8, 2021

Community spirit

San Francisco was also applauded by Time Out for its response to the pandemic, and for boasting one of the highest vaccination rates in the US.

"Why California liberals turn into raging conservatives over housing"

SF Chronicle | September 4, 2021

“Counterintuitive or not, California needs a lot more housing, and the fastest, cheapest way to get housing is to let developers build it…”


"Data shows the true productivity cost of the city exodus"

Wired | August 28, 2021

“Moretti thinks that in the long run, there will be a loss of innovation and productivity as a result of the pandemic shift to remote work. “It’s hard to create new ideas if you’re physically isolated. It’s hard to interact with clients and ask them exactly what new things they need. Also, it’s hard to onboard new people into teams,” he says.

For this reason, he thinks most workplaces won’t remain 100 per cent remote after the pandemic is resolved…”


"The hybrid workplace probably won’t last"

Boston Globe | May 9, 2021

Having some people work from home while their teammates are in the office runs counter to much of what makes organizations tick.


"Stocky modular buildings are popping up in East Bay. They look surprisingly good"

SF Chronicle | April 10, 2021

“…But the front facade is amiable and warm, with engineered wooden panels framing nine square windows. This is infill pure and simple, and it will hold its own in years to come.

…At 2711 Shattuck, Lowney and developer Patrick Kennedy set out to keep things “clean and simple, as easy to construct as possible,” Lowney said.”


"The Bay Area exodus is greatly exaggerated."

Telstra Ventures | April 9, 2021

From March 2021

Tech’s Great Migration: Insights to Emerging Tech Hubs Across the U.S.


"Returning to an office-centric culture"

Brandon Donnelly | April 3, 2021

Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it plans to return to an “office-centric culture” as its baseline. Its rationale was that being in an office allows the company to better “invent, collaborate, and learn together.”


"Remote work is overrated. America’s supercities are coming back."

Vox | April 1, 2021

As Lorde said: “We live in cities.”


Personally, I don’t think so. I don’t think the economic geography of the US will be profoundly different in the long run, and I think the reason is that I don’t think that we can access those particular advantages that come from agglomeration remotely…

Right now, if you look at San Francisco, for example, 89 percent of office workers are working remotely. So right now people are claiming that going forward, what you define as “superstar cities,” or high-cost cities, are doomed. I’m skeptical of that, I think everything that we know from the economic geography before Covid tells us that these forces of agglomeration are quite powerful.”


"S.F. apartment rents just saw the biggest increase of the pandemic, according to new report"

SF Chronicle | March 26, 2021

San Francisco’s median apartment rent rose 3.4% in March from the prior month, the biggest increase since the coronavirus pandemic began, according to a new report.


"No exodus here: Google to invest $1 billion on California real estate in 2021"

SF Chronicle | March 18, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic and remote work aren’t slowing Google’s massive real estate expansion in California. The tech giant plans to invest more than $1 billion on office projects in the state this year, a sharp contrast to the dozens of tech companies that are slashing their real estate.