"Why Homes in the Bay Area Are Unaffordable"

The National Review | March 9, 2020

Instead of new development, we got the Google piñata

Maybe it was the $2,070 bottle of wine. Or the junket to a hot spring in China. Or perhaps it was the John Deere tractor gifted for a vacation home in Colusa County.


"San Francisco’s Sky High Commercial Rents Are About To Go Up"

HotAir | March 5, 2020

A San Francisco progressive housing group called Todco promoted a ballot proposition which would tie the creation of new office space in the city to construction of new housing. The final tally isn’t in yet but it appears Prop E might pass.


"How bad land use and transportation decisions go hand-in-hand with “The Congestion Con”"

Smart Growth America | March 5, 2020

In an expensive, decades-long effort to curb congestion in urban regions, our transportation agencies and elected leaders have overwhelmingly prioritized spending hundreds of billions of dollars to widen and build new highways.


"An ‘uninhabitable’ shack in San Francisco that’s missing a wall just sold for $2 million, and it showcases the real value of land in the Bay Area"

Business Insider | March 5, 2020

San Francisco is home to one of the most expensive housing markets in the US.

Still, even in a city with a median home value of $1,352,300, finding an uninhabitable shack — that’s missing a back wall — on the market for nearly $2 million is something of a shock.


"How to Make a Housing Crisis"

CityLab | February 21, 2020

The new book Golden Gates details how California set itself up for its current affordability crunch—and how it can now help build a nationwide housing movement.


"Why Does It Cost $750,000 to Build Affordable Housing in San Francisco?"

The New York Times | February 20, 2020

As California’s governor vows to tackle the state’s homelessness crisis, housing “insanity” stands in the way.

SAN FRANCISCO — The average home in the United States costs around $240,000. But in San Francisco, the world’s most expensive place for construction, a two-bedroom apartment of what passes for affordable housing costs around $750,000 just to build.



"The 10 Most Berzerkely Spots in Berkeley"

The Bold Italic | February 18, 2020

Where to soak in the strange in the East Bay’s quirky college town

Berkeley has a reputation for weird. It’s also known for political activism, great food, and those smarty-pants at Cal, but the city’s inherent quirkiness pervades its past and present.


"California needs big solutions to increase housing affordability"

The Sacramento Bee | February 16, 2020

California’s housing crisis is getting worse. The status quo is not working. But as much as we like to complain about high housing costs, traffic congestion, and dwindling open space, we remain attached to an old version of the California Dream: single-family homes with big green lawns and swimming pools out of a David Hockney painting.


"Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build Build"

The New York Times | February 13, 2020

“Nearly all of the biggest challenges in America are, at some level, a housing problem.

Rising home costs are a major driver of segregation, inequality, and racial and generational wealth gaps. You can’t talk about education or the shrinking middle class without talking about how much it costs to live near good schools and high-paying jobs. Transportation accounts for about a third of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions, so there’s no serious plan for climate change that doesn’t begin with a conversation about how to alter the urban landscape so that people can live closer to work.”


"Climate crisis: Cities are the solution"

City Observatory | February 11, 2020

A new report shows how cities are central to any strategy to fight climate change

Cities have the “3 C’s: Clean, compact, connected

National government policies need to support cities

Let’s describe a low carbon future in positive, aspirational terms