"L.A. investor buying into Mid-Market renaissance"

San Francisco Business Times | September 16, 2011

Los Angeles-based Laurus Corp. is the latest investor to reach for a piece of the promising Mid-Market renaissance, paying $27 million for the current PUC headquarters building at 1145-1155 Market St.

The $193 million-a-square-foot investment comes at a time when private capital is flocking to the Mid-Market neighborhood. Earlier this year, Shorenstein Properties paid $110 million for 1355 Market St.


"‘Twitter effect’ takes hold of San Francisco’s mid-Market area"

The Examiner | September 4, 2011

If the four decades of sluggish revitalization progress in The City’s mid-Market Street neighborhood are any indication, it will take more than street murals to fix the heart of San Francisco. 


"One Path to Better Jobs: More Density in Cities"

The New York Times | September 3, 2011

“HELL is other people,” wrote Jean-Paul Sartre. He nonetheless spent much of his life in Paris, the better to interact with other French intellectuals. Cities have long been incubators and transmitters of ideas, and, correspondingly, engines of economic growth.

That has never made the crowds less annoying. Maybe that’s why people try to tame the city by chaining it down and limiting who can build what where along its quieter streets. We lobby leaders to fight development, aiming to protect old buildings and precious views, limit crime and traffic, and maintain high-quality schools. But what makes a city a city and a not-city a not-city is the fact that a city is dense and a not-city isn’t. The idea of it may chill a homeowner’s heart, but the wealth supported by urban density is what gives urban homes their great value in the first place.