"The Urban Future of Work"

Spur | January 5, 2012

How denser, more urban workplaces will strengthen the Bay Area’s economic competitiveness.

High unemployment rates and slow employment growth continue to threaten our economy. Once-succesSFul sectors are in decline. Even the workplace is in transition. New technologies and ways of working have disrupted everything from the speed of a typical product cycle to the amount of real estate a company needs.

But as our economy changes, the emerging story is also a positive one.


"S.F. considers how to boost Muni ridership"

SF Gate | January 4, 2012

Despite San Francisco’s long-entrenched Transit First policy, nearly 2 in 3 trips in the city are made by car. Transportation officials want to get the number to 1 in 2 trips before the decade is over.

That would mean more people would need to get around by riding Muni, biking and walking – options that produce less congestion and air pollution.