"Twitter a Reason 10th and Market Will Be Hot Spot"

San Francisco Chronicle | February 29, 2012

The intersection of 10th and Market streets isn’t much to look at now: an abundance of asphalt, construction workers in a hole and on a roof, a sandwich board touting the virtues of bacon.

Stop by in a few years. I’ll wager that what you see is San Francisco’s newest hot spot.

Some clues are obvious on the landscape. Others aren’t yet apparent. And if the details are site-specific, the alchemy at work shows what cities everywhere need to thrive – a diversity of economies and scales that are flexible enough to allow for tranSFormations large and small.


"Airstream-Inspired Apartments Offer Tiny Luxury Homes on a Budget"

treehugger | February 21, 2012

From Graham Hill’s LifeEdited project to tranSFormer apartments with moving walls, TreeHugger has featured many a dwelling from the less-is-more school of design. What stands out in these examples is the use of smart design, creativity and order to deliver the same function and even atmosphere that would previously have been delivered by simply throwing more square footage into a home. Just as fossil fuels are the enemy of creativity, it seems that over-sized homes are the enemy of smart design.


"Airstream-Inspired Apartments as Affordable Tiny Homes"

YouTube.com | February 20, 2012

Patrick Kennedy is a housing developer who likes to build small. His vision is to build the housing equivalent of the Smart Car. His SMARTSPACEs will be small- just a couple hundred square feet- and prefabricated. Kennedy envisions this type of development as “a larger and hipper version of LEGO blocks”.

Building prefab allows him to construct faster and more efficiently (avoiding a lot of construction waste) and everything down to the lighting and type of furniture has been studied carefully so that space is maximized in the tiny units.