"Sneak peek of Panoramic Interests’ micro apartments in San Francisco"

San Francisco Business Times | November 27, 2012

Panoramic Interests is weeks away from finishing up Smartspace SoMa, the firm’s first, 23-unit, micro-apartment building at 38 Harriet St. in San Francisco’s South of Market district.


"Home, squeezed home: Living in a 200-square-foot space"

The Washington Post | November 27, 2012

Step into an alleyway in the Northeast Washington neighborhood known as Stronghold, and you will see a vegetable patch, a campfire, a view of the Capitol and a cluster of what neighbors call “those tiny people, building their tiny houses.”


"House Tour: How Carrie And Shane Caverly’s 200-Square-Foot Home Helped Them Bond"

The Huffington Post | November 22, 2012

After being married for about a year, Carrie and Shane Caverly gave themselves the ultimate couple’s test. With her background in sustainable design and his in building green homes, the couple worked together to plan and build their own 200-square-foot tiny home on a flatbed trailer. And although it was challenging at times, the collaborative process was truly a bonding experience.



"Micro-Apartments So Nice You’ll Wish Your Place Was This Small"

The Atlantic Cities | November 19, 2012

This week the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco will consider amending the city’s building code to let micro-apartments become even more micro. At present, dwelling units must be a minimum of 220 square feet of living space plus bathroom, kitchen, and closet — roughly 290 square feet in all. The amendment [PDF] would reduce that minimum to 150 square feet of livable space, for a total area of 220. If you could trade stock in real estate terms, now would be the time to buy cozy.



"In San Francisco, Life Without ‘Starchitects’"

The New York Times | November 15, 2012

WHETHER it’s Frank Gehry at New York by Gehry, Christian de Portzamparc at One57 or Robert A. M. Stern at 15 Central Park West, showcasing a “starchitect” is part of the arms race that is luxury condo development in Manhattan these days.