"How to Fix Prefab Architecture? Make It More Like Product Design"

Core77 | January 31, 2015

Connect Homes’ cofounder argues for a new approach to modular home building.

I’m an architect, and for many reasons—quality, availability, efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics—I think residential architecture should be produced more like the industrial design typically found on Core77. Most important, if houses were designed, manufactured and distributed more like products, good design would be far more affordable and many more people could build their dream home.


"4 Minute walk from the Panoramic– ‘Feast Your Eyes on the Market, A Totally Bonkers Food Complex in the Twitter Building’"

San Francisco Eater | January 21, 2015

Groceries, sushi, pizza, wine, tacos, Blue Bottle, and anything else you could want.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Twitter building has arrived on the culinary scene. Right on schedule, The Market, the first of the many dining projects scheduled for the massive former SF Furniture Mart at 10th and Market, has made its debut, offering a dizzying array of groceries, takeout food, and other deliciousness in a project that its owners, Bruce Slesinger & Tom Collom (Small Foods), Chris Foley, and Richard Hoff (Oakville Grocery, Napa Farms Market) are dubbing Northern California’s answer to Eataly.


"Housing affordability crisis drives Bay Area middle-class exodus"

San Francisco Business Times | January 2, 2015

Seana O’Shaughnessy has lived in the Bay Area for 19 years — nearly half her life. Yet in the next few months,O’Shaughnessy, 41, and her husband will pack up and leave Redwood City for Chico in time for her daughter to start kindergarten in the fall. It breaks her heart, but O’Shaughnessy believes she has no choice.