"A guy just transcribed 30 years of for-rent ads. Here’s what it taught us about housing prices"

NewCoShift | May 15, 2016

I don’t know anything about Eric Fischer except that he’s a freaking hero.
Much like everyone else who has recently attempted to live in San Francisco, Fischer is very interested in housing costs. However, unlike every other such person, Fischer decided to contribute to this conversation by doubling the depth of modern historical data about them.


"What Makes A Thriving And Interesting City? Something Called Collision Density"

Co.Exist | May 11, 2016

How often are you going to run into someone with whom you can do something creative or interesting?

Who was right, Jane Jacobs or Alfred Marshall and Michael Porter? The renowened urbanist, Jacobs argued for decades of the importance of density and diversity of economic actors in cities as a primary driver of innovation. Economists Marshall and Porter, on the other hand, have argued that clustering of similar industries in industrial parks and regions is the best way to stimulate innovation, job growth, and economic development.


"The Problem(s) with Tiny Houses"

LifeEdited | May 4, 2016

At LifeEdited, we love tiny houses! They are like architectural and existential reduction sauce. Every space and object that isn’t utterly essential, that isn’t something you absolutely need, is boiled away. They are great examples of how humans can live simpler, lower impact lives. Yet tiny houses have some big problems, ones that are often overlooked amidst the hype, and it’s not just their lack of legality.


"Tiny Houses Have A Not-So-Tiny Problem"

CoDesign.com | May 4, 2016

FROM 7-1-2014

Many tiny house designs fetishize smallness while missing what makes micro-housing so useful: density.

As much as we love gorgeous small-scale architecture, not all micro-housing is created equal. Over at City Lab, Kriston Capps argues that tiny houses plopped onto huge lots in the middle of nowhere miss the entire point of micro-housing: to provide more options for affordable housing, especially in crowded, expensive cities.