"The housing crisis has cost us lives now in Oakland"

SF Chronicle | December 6, 2016

So far, at least 36 people are known dead after a fire swept through the artist community in East Oakland known as the Ghost Ship. The grief and sense of shock in Oakland is palpable. For me, a Bay Area attorney and artist with friends at or near the Ghost Ship blaze this weekend, this terrible event hits close to home.


"Stackable pods could help house the homeless"

CNN Tech | December 5, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO (CNNMoney) – Small, stackable pods might be one solution to San Francisco’s homeless crisis.

At just 160 square feet, the micro-apartments are tiny, but for those who are homeless in the Bay Area, they could be life changing.

Almost 7,000 people are homeless in San Francisco.


"Oakland warehouse fire is product of housing crisis, say artists and advocates"

The Guardian | December 5, 2016

At least 36 died at a ‘Ghost Ship’ party but survivors are among those who say communal spaces should be cherished in a city where rents have gone sky-high

A devastating warehouse fire that killed at least 36 people has shone a harsh light on a housing crisis in Oakland and its consequences for artists and low-income residents.


"Stackable micro-apartments for the homeless"

CNN | December 5, 2016

Developers in San Francisco have created a line of stackable pods as a potential solution to the city’s overwhelming homelessness crisis.


"Aging hotels, chronic problems"

SF Chronicle | December 5, 2016

Most S.F. housing for the homeless is a century old; even refurbished, severe health and safety issues can abound.

For many homeless people who land a spot within San Francisco’s network of 6,000 supportive housing rooms and apartments, being indoors means life gets better. No more nights shivering under blankets, getting beaten up in the street. On-site access to food, health care and counseling. Stability.


"Use new tools to tackle homelessness"

The Sacramento Bee | December 2, 2016

Across California, local initiatives are generating funding to deal with homelessness, including a sales tax increase in San Francisco and a bond measure in Los Angeles.

The persistence of homelessness in California is a disgrace.

Thankfully, our state’s leaders are taking bold steps to address the problem. Gov. Jerry Brown recently approved a $2 billion bond that will pay for housing and services for those with mental illnesses on our streets.


"Density + Connection = Creativity & Progress"

Brandon Donnelly | December 1, 2016

This morning I came across the below graph in a Medium article by Eric Jaffe of Sidewalk Labs. It is taken from a research paper by Elisabeth Ruth Perlman called, Dense Enough To Be Brilliant: Patents, Urbanization, and Transportation in Nineteenth Century America.


"Living Small"

Oakland Magazine | December 1, 2016

From Nov 10, 2016

Oakland’s first micro apartments are coming to the Nook on Valdez.

The first tenants should be moving into the Nook on Valdez—Oakland’s first micro dwelling—soon. Given the city’s housing crunch, it’s no surprise that micro-unit housing of buildings filled with tiny apartments of less then 300 square feet—about the size of a one-car garage—has arrived.


"‘Stackable’ modular apartments to be built for homeless families"

The Irish Times | November 30, 2016

Dublin City Council to place prefabricated units on Fishamble Street and in Coolock.

A vacant site in Dublin city centre, which was to be an owner-designed apartment block, is to be used for the city’s first modular apartment development for homeless families.


"Tiny Houses, Huge Hurdles: Panoramic and the Future of Supportive Housing"

SF BMAO | November 29, 2016

Imagine having no place to live in one of the planet’s most expensive metropolitan areas. For many residents of San Francisco, this is a daily reality. Yet while labor and investment capital pours in, the region’s culture of technological “innovation” has failed to improve the livelihoods of our most vulnerable neighbors. Patrick Kennedy wants to change that.