"The 0.1 percent solution: Inclusionary zoning’s fatal scale problem"

City Observatory | April 28, 2017

Inclusionary zoning programs are too small to make a dent in housing affordability

…inclusionary zoning requirements essentially shift the cost of housing subsidies onto new development, they raise its cost, and likely reduce the number of units that get built–which tends to aggravate housing shortages and further accelerate prices.


"Bad Side of the Bay"

The Bay City Beacon | April 13, 2017

From January 2017

Bad Side of Bay by Alfred Twu



"How Seattle Is Dismantling a NIMBY Power Structure"

Next City | April 3, 2017

At a time when rents are soaring and development is more contentious than ever before, a little-known city agency is rethinking its role in neighborhood planning.

For decades, activist homeowners have held virtual veto power over nearly every decision on Seattle’s growth and development.


"Younger Bay Area residents support new housing, but older generation is more hostile"

SF Business Times | April 2, 2017

Younger residents are more likely to support new housing projects than older groups in the Bay Area, according to an annual poll from the Bay Area Council.

Seventy percent of millennials were in favor of building more housing in their own neighborhood, while only 57 percent of residents age 40 to 64 supported additional homes near them.