"SF added jobs eight times faster than housing since 2010"

Curbed San Francisco | July 26, 2017

Meanwhile, rents are up 43 percent in ten years

If housing in San Francisco was as plentiful as data about housing in San Francisco, most renters would be on easy street.

The rental site ApartmentList crunched some census numbers in over 400 cities going back to 2005 to figure out, which metros kept up with construction relative to job growth and which ones were lying down on the job.


"Yes, Red Tape and Fees Do Raise The Price of Housing"

Sightline Institute | July 25, 2017

And no amount of hand-waving about “land values” changes that.

Few public policy issues can match urban housing politics for its incendiary combination of passion and misconception. To wit: the confounding idea that relaxing regulations and fees to decrease the cost of homebuilding won’t make homes more affordable.


"Housing Policy Lessons from Vienna, Part II"

City Observatory | July 24, 2017

Allowing multi-family housing in all residential zones, and aggressively promoting private bidding lowers housing costs

…Vienna is often mentioned as a model for how American cities might do a better job of providing more widespread affordability. While tantalizing, many of the descriptions of the secrets of its reported success are cryptic and incomplete.


"The right Rx for California’s housing problems"

Fox and Hounds | July 24, 2017

Christopher Thornberg’s “Stop Dissin’ the Housing Market—Set it Free!”, which recently appeared on these pages, is just what California’s housing markets need.  Hail to this Beacon Economics PhD!  Want more housing? as Thronberg asks:  Stop messing with markets!


"I’m an architect in LA specializing in multifamily residential. I’d like to do my best to explain a little understood reason why all new large development in LA seems to be luxury development."

Redit | July 24, 2017

From July 6, 2017

A big part of my job is to “spec and mass” potential new large scale developments for developers who are considering building in LA at a particular site. Understanding the code and limitations makes it pretty easy to understand why no developers in the city seem to be making the lower cost units everyone wants.



"Tiny houses: Big future, or big hype?"

Curbed | July 18, 2017

Advocates and cities see challenges and opportunities in tiny homes’ path to the mainstream

“Of course, ‘tiny home’ is a term that has no meaning.”  Dan George Dobrowolski firmly believes that the best spaces are small spaces.


"A Welcome Home: Could the MicroPad solve Sacramento’s homelessness crisis?"

SacTown Magazine | July 17, 2017

From Los Angeles to London, civic leaders are searching for creative ways to combine technology and high design to shelter their cities’ growing homeless populations. In Sacramento, where tent villages have brought unwelcome national headlines, a home-builder-turned-councilman and an ambitious MIT-trained developer believe they may have the answer to solving the housing predicament.


"Stop Dissin’ the Housing Market—Set it Free!"

Fox and Hounds | July 14, 2017

High housing costs continue to be at the center of policy debates in Los Angeles—and across much of the state. This intensifying focus is warranted now more than ever given how the crisis has moved from simply eating up the disposable income of residents to slowing overall employment growth in coastal economies – something driven by a lack of available workers, which in turn is driven by the housing shortage.


"YIMBY’S Flock To Bay Area"

Beyond Chron | July 11, 2017

I have bad news for those who oppose new housing, support suburban sprawl, enjoy subjecting working people to long commutes, and who think preserving gas stations is more important than allowing kids to grow up in vibrant cities: YIMBY’s  from across the country are gathering in Oakland this week.


"The New Urban Crisis Accelerated Inequality in Metro Cities"

NBC News | July 10, 2017

Richard Florida, urban studies professor at the University of Toronto and author of “The New Urban Crisis” discussed how cities are increasing inequality and how pockets of concentrated wealth and poverty are squeezing out the middle class.