"The Extreme Geographic Inequality of High-Tech Venture Capital"

City Lab | March 27, 2018

The rest aren’t rising, and spatial inequality is getting worse.

Last month a cadre of Silicon Valley venture capitalists took a much-ballyhooed tour of the Rust Belt. As the New York Times glowingly reported, this “Comeback Cities Tour” featured stops in Detroit, Flint, Akron, Youngstown and South Bend.


"Can Big Tech Be Tamed?"

San Francisco Magazine | March 22, 2018

As the tech industry grows to unfathomable proportions, San Francisco needs to grow to match it. A call to arms for a city under siege.

…Because it has suppressed the construction of new market-rate housing for decades (between 1980 and 2014, San Francisco grew by more than 170,000 residents but gained only 70,000 housing units), the city bears as much responsibility for the crisis it now finds itself in as the tech industry does.

But it has a chance to make up for its past mistakes, and in the process ensure that this doesn’t become a schizoid city, with subsidized housing on one side of the street and millionaires’ mansions on the other.

To do so, it needs to start building housing—a lot of it. Ironically, the best way to preserve San Francisco will be to change it.


"Welcome to Zucktown. Where Everything Is Just Zucky."

The New York Times | March 21, 2018

MENLO PARK, Calif. — John Tenanes, Facebook’s vice president for real estate, is showing off the company’s plans for expansion. It will have offices for thousands of programmers to extend Facebook’s fearsome reach. But that is not what Mr. Tenanes is excited about.


"Portland’s brouhaha over housing market economics 101"

City Observatory | March 19, 2018

Understanding how housing markets really work is essential to crafting solutions to our affordability problems

Regular followers of City Observatory will know two things about us:  We’re keenly focused on the problem of housing affordability, and we like to treat Portland, Oregon (our local backyard) as a kind of laboratory for better understanding urban issues.


"The myth of “forcing people out of their cars”"

Vox Media | March 19, 2018

It’s about more options, not fewer.

California state Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 827 — a sweeping approach to solve California’s housing crisis by having the state government preempt local zoning ordinances and allow for greater density near rapid transit stations and high-frequency bus stops — is one of the most important ideas in American politics today.


"A Bold, Divisive Plan to Wean Californians From Cars"

The New York Times | March 16, 2018

Legislation would allow more home building along transit routes to reduce gas-guzzling commutes. Some who support the goal have denounced the method.

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s an audacious proposal to get Californians out of their cars: a bill in the State Legislature that would allow eight-story buildings near major transit stops, even if local communities object.


"Cruel Musical Chairs (or Why Is Rent So High?)"

Sightline Institute | March 16, 2018

From Oct 2017

How does a growing, prospering city stay affordable for all kinds of people? At the most basic level, when there aren’t enough homes, prices will keep rising. And when there are plenty of homes, it helps prices stay down.


"West Oakland proposal with 1,038 apartments and no parking sparks backlash"

SF Business Times | March 11, 2018

One of Oakland’s largest housing proposals with 1,032 apartments and zero parking for residents is facing pushback from the city.

Developer Patrick Kennedy of Panoramic Interests wants to build three buildings on a lot at 500 Kirkham St. next to the West Oakland BART. The project includes a 23-story tower that would rise to 233 feet and be the tallest building in West Oakland.


"Micro-Units in DTLA"

Central City Association of Los Angeles | March 8, 2018

Through advocacy, influence and engagement, Central City Association (CCA) enhances Downtown LA ’s vibrancy and increases investment in the region, and we strongly believe that micro-units can contribute to this effort.


"All the crazy things happening in San Francisco because of its out-of-control housing prices"

Business Insider | March 6, 2018

People are leaving San Francisco in droves as the cost of living reaches a new high.

A recent report from real-estate site Redfin revealed that San Francisco lost more residents than any other US city in the last quarter of 2017.