"Striding Toward Walkability? 5 Insights About Walkable Urban Places"

Strong Towns | June 26, 2019

In the years immediately after the last housing market crash, a narrative took hold in mainstream media that there had been an inexorable, immediate, and permanent change in how we build our cities.


"Why building walkable cities is the key to economic success"

Curbed | June 24, 2019

New report Foot Traffic Ahead finds walkable urbanism isn’t just sustainable and enjoyable, but more profitable

What if I told you there was a way to develop U.S. cities that was better for social equity, created more jobs and economic activity, resulted in better transit access, and improved the environment, all while guaranteeing better economic returns for developers and investors?


"The time tested value of walkability"

Smart Growth America | June 24, 2019

Smart Growth America/LOCUS today released Foot Traffic Ahead 2019, a report which ranks the 30 largest metros in the United States based on the percentage of office, retail, and rental multi-family space each has in their walkable urban places.


"Valuing Walkability"

City Observatory | June 24, 2019

A new report confirms the growing market for walkable places

George Washington University and Smart Growth America have a new report on the economic value of and growing market for walkable places.


"Panel discussion: Making the most of qualified opportunity zones"

San Francisco Business Times | June 21, 2019

At a May 21 forum hosted by the San Francisco Business Times, panelists Scott Anderson, president of Pankow Builders, Katie Brandtjen, partner at EisnerAmper, JP Walsh, finance director at Panoramic Interests, and Michael P. Muzzy, partner at Lubin Olsen, discussed how investors, businesses and local economies can benefit from investment in qualified opportunity zones.


"San Francisco Makes Top 5 List Of Best Cities For Job Hunters"

Patch | June 20, 2019

“…A new report has ranked the San Francisco metro area the second best in the nation for job-seekers, only topped by San Jose…”


"Kaiser Permanente to build giant, new $900 million Oakland headquarters"

SF Chronicle | June 17, 2019

“…Kaiser’s consolidation will free up a significant amount of space for other growing companies, according to Colin Yasukochi, research director at real estate brokerage CBRE.

It opens up additional office space for tenants seeking a lower-cost alternative” to San Francisco,” he said. “There’s a stronger likelihood that more jobs will be located in Oakland.”


"5 Reasons California’s Housing Costs Are So High"

KQED | June 17, 2019

From May 2018

Why are California housing costs so high? At its most basic level, it’s a story of supply and demand — lots of people want to live here, and there aren’t enough homes to go around.


"Americans Need More Neighbors"

New York Times | June 16, 2019

“…But advocates for affordable housing should be jumping up and down and screaming for the construction of more high-end apartment buildings to ease demand for existing homes.

Those new buildings are filled with people who would otherwise be spending Saturdays touring fixer-uppers in neighborhoods newly named something like SoFa, with rapidly dwindling populations of longtime residents…”


"Don’t Blame Developers for the Housing Crisis, Blame the Homeowners"

NBC | June 14, 2019

Rising populations and limited housing options have created an unprecedented affordability crisis in America’s urban cities. Randy Shaw, author of “Generation Priced Out: Who gets to Live in the New Urban America,” joined THINK to discuss the policy change that could save America’s cities.