"San Francisco, trade unions at odds over modular construction — even for homeless projects"

SF Chronicle | November 27, 2020

The 143-unit modular supportive housing project under construction on Bryant Street in San Francisco has drawn praise for the speed at which it is being built and its low construction cost.


"The productivity pitfalls of working from home in the age of COVID-19"

Stanford News | November 19, 2020

From March 2020

The global work-from-home movement intended to maintain output and efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic could actually generate a worldwide productivity slump and threaten economic growth for many years, says Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom.


"The End of the Pandemic Is Now in Sight"

The Atlantic | November 18, 2020

A year of scientific uncertainty is over. Two vaccines look like they will work, and more should follow.


"The Week Observed, November 6, 2020"

City Observatory | November 6, 2020

…”Housing market data for New York and San Francisco show that shocks do have observable short-run effects, driving up vacancy rates and holding down prices.  But vacancies and prices tend to quickly revert to pre-shock trends and levels.”


"More than 750 homes move forward at West Oakland BART station"

SF Chronicle | November 6, 2020

The Oakland Planning Commission unanimously approved a massive housing project at West Oakland BART station this week, part of the transit agency’s push for more affordable housing near public transportation.


"West Oakland megaproject on BART land moves forward"

SF Chronicle | November 5, 2020

BART ridership may be down, but transit-oriented developments along the agency’s East Bay corridor are far from idle.

The Oakland Planning Commission on Wednesday unanimously approved the final development plans for two phases of Mandela Station, a project at the West Oakland BART station from China Harbour Engineering Co.