"Blue States, You’re the Problem"

The New York Times | November 11, 2021

Why do states with Democratic majorities fail to live up to their values?


"The road to ruin — how the car drove US cities to the brink"

Financial Times | November 5, 2021

There’s an old stereotype in the US of a college junior who studies abroad in France for a semester and who returns obsessed with walking to cafés, biking to class and taking trains across county.


"San Francisco’s homelessness is a humanitarian crisis, not an unsightly inconvenience"

SF Chronicle | November 3, 2021

To hear many residents, city leaders and, too often, The Chronicle’s online comment section, talk about it, San Francisco is no longer a habitable city. It is, instead, merely an archipelago of safe islands floating in an ocean of human feces and hypodermic needles.