"How can we build cheaper urban housing?"

Markasauras | October 25, 2013

There were a number of suggestions from readers, via both the blog comments and Twitter, on how we could build cheaper multifamily housing. Here are a few ideas with my thoughts.


"Rents soaring across region"

San Francisco Chronicle | October 25, 2013

San Francisco rentals were a different world when Chuck Post became a leasing agent – just four years ago.

“In 2009 we were actually discounting rents, offering things like a free month’s rent when you moved in, perhaps throwing in free parking,” he said.


"Demand Continues to Pressure San Francisco Apartment Market"

The Registry | October 24, 2013

San Francisco has the reputation as the most bulletproof apartment market in the country, but a torrent of new construction promises to test its armor, as does reinvigorated condominium building.


"What is a Micro Apartment?"

Life Edited | October 16, 2013

Amidst its turmoil, the City of Seattle has drafted a proposal for establishing citywide micro-apartment (aka “micro-unit” and “micro-housing”) regulations. The good news is that “DPD [Dept. of Planning and Development] has found that micro-housing provides an important lower-cost housing option that is appealing to many renters, and we recommend that it continue to be allowed to meet this demand.”



dwell | October 10, 2013

German industrial designer Dieter Rams is a legend, and for good reason, thanks to his rational, less-is-more philosophy on design. Here, take a look at everything Rams from products to interviews to exhibitions.


"‘End of suburbia’ may nearly be upon us: Sam Zell"

CNBC | October 8, 2013

Young people shunning the suburbs in favor of the hustle and bustle of city life are leading the charge in the “reurbanization of America,” real estate mogul Sam Zell told CNBC on Tuesday.