"​Group housing in the Tenderloin at $2,000 a month​"

SF Chronicle | June 3, 2017

A new way for San Francisco to create entry-level housing is taking shape in an old building on a forgotten block — an old bathhouse on the edge of the Tenderloin.

The venture-capital-backed startup Starcity wants to convert the existing commercial building at 229 Ellis St. into 56 units of group housing.


"Housingcare: How to Solve California’s Affordable Housing Crisis"

Berkeley Public Review | June 2, 2017

From April 2017

As a mother of two children and wife to a steadily employed husband, Brianne Reynolds considered herself to be a typical, hard-working American. In addition to taking care of her kids during the day, she worked the night shifts at a local grocery store as a custodian in order to pay the bills.